Institute for the Future of Innovation in Society

We are proud to announce that we have joined with our partners at the Global Institute of Sustainability to create a new center for research and innovation for the Julie Ann Wrigley Global Futures Laboratory. The new Global Institute of Sustainability and Innovation is the home for ASU’s 560 Sustainability Scientists and Scholars to leverage the tools and expertise of the transdisciplinary research centers and facilities to generate new ideas and develop solutions that address our global problems of today and tomorrow.

The Institute for the Future of Innovation in Society (IFIS) places the role of human choice and responsibility at the forefront of considerations of innovation. IFIS is committed to the ideas that:

  • Innovation is a complex process in which both social and technical elements and their interactions interact to create outcomes—some desired, others not;
  • Knowledge—its creation, its dissemination, and its validation—while an essential component to addressing contemporary challenges, must also be understood as contextual, contingent, and pluralistic; and thus
  • Future-making needs to be a more interdisciplinary, more anticipatory, and more democratic practice.