Center for the Study of Futures

Reimagine the future

The Center for the Study of Futures offers futures research, experimental practice, and innovative foresight training for diverse audiences. 

The Center for the Study of Futures at Arizona State University builds a cross-disciplinary capacity to imagine a rich variety of plausible futures, reflect on what those futures demand from us, and design pathways toward positive outcomes. By investigating and inventing new theories and methods for creating better futures, the Center aims to nurture and amplify future-oriented scholarship and practice.


CSF Academy

The Futures Academy trains the next generation of future-savvy students, researchers, and professionals by building up their anticipatory competence.



The Futures Lab rallies scholars and practitioners from ASU and beyond to conduct critical and innovative futures research.


CSF Enterprise

The Futures Enterprise leverages the Center’s research to put foresight into practice by offering bespoke applied research and foresight processes. 

Featured Projects


JP Nelson studies socio-technical systems, science and technology policy, and ethics.  He’s interested in futures studies as an intersection between possible worlds construction and decision-making under uncertainty.  When not pursuing his studies or running for ASU Track/Cross Country, JP reads and studies social game design.

Kaylin Ayotte is pursuing a B.S. in the School of Sustainability with an MA in Sustainability Solutions. She aspires to work on local and international development strategies focusing on resiliency and sustainability within cities.


Ken Eklund, Visiting Artist at the School for the Future of Innovation in Society, works in game and experience design, confronting real-world issues and imagining positive futures through emergent narrative and exploring the persuasive / transformational effects of immersive storymaking