The Center for Innovation and Development in Society



Britt Crow Miller

Assistant Professor

Laura Hosman

Assistant  Professor

Mary Jane Parmentier

Clinical Associate Professor and Chair, Master of Science Global Technology & Development program

Nalini Chhetri

Clinical Associate Professor and Assistant Director

Darshan Karwat

Assistant Professor

Gary Grossman

Associate Professor and Associate Director for Academic Programs

Daniel Sarewitz

Foundation Professor

Clark miller

Professor and Associate Director for faculty

Netra Chhetri

Associate Professor

Milan Shrestha

Lecturer, Affiliated Faculty

Elizabeth Sumida Huaman

Associate Professor

Joni Adamson

Professor and Director, Environmental Humanities Initiative

Uttaran Dutta

Assistant Professor

Mark Henderson (Poly)

Professor and Associate Dean, Polytechnic Campus

Bradley Rogers (Poly)

Associate Professor and Graduate Director

Nina Berman Professor