Emerge: A Festival of Futures

Center for the Study of Futures

Emerge: A Festival of Futures is a free art, science, and technology festival that explores the future in evocative ways through an annual public event. Emerge offers an imaginative look into the future, exposing the latest inventions underway at ASU and beyond, and asking how they might be shaped and adapted by society in surprising ways. By bringing together artists, scientists, humanists, designers, and other interdisciplinary perspectives, Emerge draws on ASU’s culture of rigorous exchange to create vibrant portraits of alternative futures. Since 2012, the festival has explored themes such as truth, sport, Frankenstein, and space habitation.

Emerge: A Festival of Futures

To learn more about Emerge, see: 

  • Merging art and design in foresight: Making sense of Emerge (Cynthia Selin)
  • Studying Emerge: Findings from an event ethnography (Sarah R. Davies, Cynthia Selin, Sandra Rodegher, Carlo Altamirano Allende, Michael Burnam-Fink, Corinne DiVittorio, Cecilie Glerup, Cameron Keys, Mindy Kimball, Miao Liao, Chad Monfreda, Brenda Trinidad)
  • A Festival of Futures: Recognizing and Reckoning Temporal Complexity in Foresight (Kaethe Selkirk, Cynthia Selin, Ulrike Felt)

To view past exhibitions held in the ASU Art Museum, go to https://asuartmuseum.wordpress.com/tag/emerge-redesigning-the-future/