Center for Innovation in Informal STEM Learning

Featured Projects

Games/Sustainability Internship


Make games, save the planet
Youth design a videogame prototype about local climate futures.

Global Futures

Collaborations with Finland
Building international networks and shared learning for inclusive, sustainable futures.

Build a Mars Habitat

build a better mars

Human exploration of space
Immersive exhibit exploring what it will take to survive and thrive on the red planet.

Moon Adventure Game

child playing with moon game

Game-based learning
Series of challenges grounded in real science about living and doing research at a lunar outpost.

Building with Biology

Building with Biology

Emerging technologies
Activities that spark mutual learning among scientists, educators, and community members.

STEM Ecosystems

small group working together

Community-wide partnerships
Identifying principles of and practices of learning ecosystems that center equity and engage communities in authentic STEM.

Let’s Do Chemistry

group of 3 doing science project

Lifelong learning
Hands-on activities that encourage interest, relevance, and self-efficacy about learning chemistry.

Climates of Inequality

Climate and environment

Public history and global issues
Exhibition and programming sharing stories of environmental justice through local histories and dialogue.

Citizen Science at Your Library

Girl looking at her phone

Public participation in research
Kits and resources to plan and sustain citizen science projects at public libraries and community organizations.

Space and Earth

Earth and space science
Sharing the excitement of NASA Earth and space science with hundreds of communities across the US.

Science and Religion

True Stories Well Told

Reframing polarized issues
Exploring the relationship between science and religion through creative nonfiction stories and public events.

Resilient Communities

two people standing at a car door

Civics and citizen science
Increasing climate resilience through citizen-created data, local knowledge, and community values.

STEM and Social Capital


Career pathways
Broadening STEM career participation of refugee communities through family learning and innovative uses of technology.

Community events

Community events

Science and society
Activities and conversations about the relationship of science and society, emerging technologies, our possible futures, and more.



Creativity and responsible innovation
Activities and alternate reality game inspired by characters and themes in Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein.

Sustainability and Museums

Building sustainable futures
Empowering museums around the world to advance sustainability in their local communities.

Changing Brains

Group of people

Neuroscience and ethics
Creating new approaches to mutual learning among scientists, public audiences, and policymakers