SPEC Publications

A decade of Marcellus Shale: impacts to people, policy, and culture from 2008 to 2018 in the Greater Mid-Atlantic region of the United States

Building online skills in offline realities: the SolarSPELL initiative

Brain Pacemakers in Consumer Medical Electronics Improve Quality of Life: Benefits, Risks, and Challenges

Characterizing direct-to-consumer stem cell businesses in the Southwest United States.

Consumer Electronic Instrument Search and Seizure at International Borders: New Laws Allow Border Agents to Demand Passwords for Digital Devices

Developing a comparative framework of ICT4D initiatives in the global South: A critical realist approach

Dissemination and Adaptation of the EPICS, Engineering Projects in Community Service, Model

Engineering-Based Design Methodology for Embedding Ethics in Autonomous Robots

Experiments of concern’ to ‘groups of concern’: Constructing and containing citizens in synthetic biology

ExtrACTION: Impacts, Engagements, and Alternative Futures

From Active Learning to Taking Action: Incorporating Political Context into Project-Based, Interdisciplinary, International Service Learning Courses

How do we understand “meaningful use” of the internet? Of divides, skills and socio-technical awareness

I don’t care about their reactions

Impatience as a Virtue: Addressing Persistent ICT-in-Education Challenges in Small Developing Countries

Information Ecology as a Framework for South-South Cooperation: Case Studies of Rwanda and Bangladesh ICT-Based Health Applications

Machine Ethics: The Design and Governance of Ethical AI and Autonomous Systems

Managing hydrological infrastructure assets for improved flood control in coastal mega-cities of developing nations

Microchipping People is a “Bad Idea”: An Interview with Andreas Sjostrom

Online Walking Dead – How Safe is the Global South?

SolarSPELL Assessment: Impact of a Solar-Powered Digital Library as a Teaching-Learning Resource on Climate Change

Taking roles in interdisciplinary collaborations: Reflections on working in post-ELSI spaces in the UK synthetic biology community

Taking Technology to the Field: Hardware Challenges in Developing Countries

The Impact of Multidisciplinary Teams on Sustainability Projects in EPICS

The Power to Plan: Mineral Rights Leasing, Data Justice, and Proactive Zoning in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania

When will you start teaching the REAL curriculum?'- Challenges and Innovations in Education for Rohingya Refugees

Why some people do not use facebook?